Bullets in OpenOffice on the Mac

When I open an Open Office document that was saved as a Word document I noticed, instead of the nice bullet points I expected to see, I see this funny looking character that looks more like a box with a spider in it. If you've seen this same behavior here's a way to work around this annoying situation.

Use the Font Replacement Table, located in the OpenOffice.org -> Preferences ->Fonts:


Updating Open Atrium Installation

There are a couple of major things to be aware of when updating an Open Atrium version. First off, be sure to do the full update before updating any modules. Many of the modules are actually included in the Atrium profile rather than in the usual /sites/all/modules ... directory.

Here's a good link for updating Atrium installations: https://community.openatrium.com/documentation-en/node/1942

After the upgrade is complete you may notice a couple of strange behaviors on the site. Below are the issues directly followed by the solution to each:



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